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Brian Lefebvre - Kincaid, Oregon
Although still in a relationship, I decided to seek some guidance because I've noticed a loss of attraction from my wife build up over the last few years. The feeling I used to have that she worshipped me is all but gone. My initial rationalization for this focused on my physical appearance: perhaps I've let myself go somewhat over the last 5 years; I used to be cut and lean and now I have a little more cushion.

I found your website while surfing, looking for some answers. I was skeptical, but figured I'd give it a shot anyway, and downloaded the program. I started to read through it and was hooked almost immediately - the observations outlined were extremely relevant and astute. I have to say reading through them was a complete revelation. I was pretty much doing everything wrong that you pointed out.

I haven't put to use any of the techniques you provided yet, but just the insight I gained from these manuals is well worth what I paid. In fact I believe that this read was one of the most eye-opening experiences of my life, and so potentially life-changing that I couldn't even put a price on it.

I hope this email reaches the author. I will provide some more feedback in a few months after working with the techniques.

Best regards,
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Mark Marquez - Lashburn, Iowa
Just wanted to give a big thanks, i ordered your Ex2 and the mens relationship manual that came with it and it worked out for me! Not only did i get my ex back by following your step by step guide i also went from being a "lost puppy in the relationship" to being a confident guy! I would highly recommend this read for anyone not only does it help you get your ex girlfriend back it also really helps build confidence in yourself!
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Matt Huston - Author, Ex Squared System
Wow! Sounds like things have really turned around for you. Thank you for the kind words, your story is encouraging to other men!
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Sydney Giordano Jackson Hole, Illinois
How are you? hope u had a great xmas and u also have a great 2010, i would like to thanx you on all your amazing support throughout 09, u really helped me thru a real tough time in my life and taught so mush bout myself and how women behave. i would love to deliver you the great news that in november my EX, came back to me and asked for me back, and we have been goin steady ever since. shes told me she noticed the new me through our friendship, which is wat my aim was all d time, thanx to you, shes really impressed with the new me and im goin to work hard at improving myself all d time, so i can keep showing those attractive traits that i lost just b4 the break up. dnt know wat else to say, but your the KING MATE!
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Ben Borjeson - Zurich, Rhode Island
Hey Matt,

I found your e book about three years ago when I had been finished by my then girlfriend. I was a pathetic waste of a man but at the time I never realised how bad I was. I found solace in your words and, even in my pathetic state, knew you to be right and started following your advice straight away. I stayed with the ex2 document at first but then I glanced at the mens relationship manual.

It wasn't looking good getting the ex back so I started working on myself and lookin for new challenges and new ways to talk to women. I started really enjoying talking to girls and found they started to relate to me in a completely different way. It was almost as if all girls and I spoke in a different language to every one else....... I loved it!!!!!!!

Just as I was getting good my ex came back into the picture beggin for me back. I didn't want her really but I convinced myself that I did. The relationship never really worked again cuase now I had started on the path of a real man I soon realised she wasn't good enough for me!!! I broke up with her ( like a man..... face to face and honestly ) and re-introduced myself to the mission I had been on.
I never got very far cause I found a new girlfriend pretty soon after. Strong, independant, confident and attractive! Now I really understand just how useful the relationship manual is!!!!!!!! As far as I have come I'm not sure I would have been strong enough to keep this girl interested without your manual or as I now call it........The Bible!!

I am a much better man. I'm strong, confident, in control of my emotions, a leader and I'm honest and always act with integrity............ I am a ladies man!!!!!!!!!!!

Your writings and advice have helped start me a new life and I am forever grateful.
You'll always have a friend in yorkshire,

Thank you,

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Matt Huston - Author, Ex Squared System
Awesome Ben!! Glad you're enjoying my material. Remember that i'm always here for you if you need any help! Shoot an email to hello@exbackclub.com
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Ted Soderholm - Chance, California
Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that I purchased your system and I've been following the steps and I already feel much better (not completely, but MUCH better than I did). I found who I was before meeting my ex again, which is great.
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