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Jessica Lefebvre

Jessica Lefebvre - Kincaid, Oregon
I now believe in miracles! I lost the love of my life and it seemed certain that he would never be in my life again. In desperation I came across this guide and decided to take a chance on it. This was the best money I ever spent, from reading this guide i realized how oblivious I was to so many things that ruined my relationship. After lots of studying I followed the steps and slowly I got him back into my life again. Now most nights he is by my side and there is more fire than ever before. This man really is the guru for ex boyfriends, I hope he can help you like he helped me. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND THE THIS.
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Hannah Marquez

Hannah Marquez - Lashburn, Iowa
I finally buckled down and took your advice word for word. My boyfirend and I are back together and I just spent a week long vacation with him at his father's house. Seems like we're doing well despite all of the stress and busy schedules. When it came right down to it he had a severe fear of comitiment so we've decided to take the bigger discussions off the table for now and just let our relationship develop without the pressure of expectations (most of which were coming from the outside). Thanks again for all your help and best of luck in your future endeavor and with the folks you are able to reach.
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Matt Huston

Matt Huston - Author, Get Him Back Forever
Wow! Sounds like things have really turned around for you. Once you learn how to break past his "commitment barrier", everything else is a piece of cake! :) Thank you for the kind words, your story is encouraging to other women.
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Sarah Giordano

Sarah Giordano Jackson Hole, Illinois
I just wanted to thank Matt Houston for writing this ... I followed the instructions to a tee, and fortunately, I'm a success story! My fiance took me back, and now we're better than ever. The advice is very helpful, and I can't believe it worked so well!1 I'm honestly, still in shock! :) This is a very important read if you feel like your relationship is salvageable, and you know that if you had another chance, things would work out right.
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Lucy Borjeson

Lucy Borjeson - Zurich, Rhode Island
So, I downloaded your ebook and I wanted to tell you thank you! I am amazed at the depth of the psychology and the differences between the sexes and I have to be honest, experience is great but this knowledge is absolutely priceless and essential.
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Matt Huston

Matt Huston - Author, Get Him Back Forever
Awesome Lucy!! Glad you're enjoying my material. Remember that i'm always here for you if you need any help! Shoot an email to hello@exbackclub.com
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Kaitlyn Soderholm

Kaitlyn Soderholm - Chance, California
When I bought your book, I immediately read it from cover to cover. Everything made so much sense. I realized that my being overly emotional was the reason for our breakup. I implemented all your ideas which was easy since he wanted to remain friends after the break up. I even created the Facebook profile and added some posts I hoped he would see (how are you? It's been years, you look terrific. Let's meet for drinks and catch up). I wasn't sure he would be looking, but like you said he was and he even made comments. I told him that the break up was a good idea, and acted as though I didn't have a care in the world. Almost immediately, he asked me out for drinks and we had a great time. He became a little amorous and I explained to him that I value his friendship but I can't sleep with him again because I just don't do that with friends. Since that night, he's asked me out numerous times and is still testing the waters with regard to sex but I've held my ground. He's now r everting back to that wonderful guy he was when we first got together. We aren't back together yet, but I see it in our future – I hope. Thank you – best money I ever spent!
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